How to learn Czech grammatical cases

In just 10 days you will understand much better how Czech grammatical cases work.

10-day challenge

Have you ever thought why Czechs sometimes say auto, auta, autě, autem and other variations?

Do you want to understand how Czech grammatical cases work and why we need them?

Do you want to know where to start, what theory is necessary and what type of practice to choose?

Then you are on the right place. I invite you to join 10-day Czech grammatical challenge when you will learn and practice all 7 grammatical cases.

Content of the challenge

Do you wan to know exactly how this challenge works? Download the content where you can find explanation for each day.

What you will receive

  • 7 grammatical cases
  • 10 days of practice
  • 25 videos
  • 21 presentations
  • 1 bonus
  • my full support and feedback

About me

My name is Anna Rubešová, and I´m a full-time freelance Czech language teacher. My students are from all over the world and have various interests and reasons in the Czech culture. My career started in the Czech Republic but since January 2019 I moved to Mexico, Puebla.

I offer individual and group online classes, I write e-books, and also I´m the author of this challenge. I really like my job, and I hope you will like to work with me too. 

Master Czech grammatical cases

The biggest challenge for Czech language learners is definitely the declension (seven Czech
grammatical cases). At first, it doesn’t make sense why the word ending is changing in different sentence structures.

People use different words (actually, just different cases of the words) in distinct situations. We say „to je auto“ (this is a car), „já mám auto“ (I have a car), but then we say „Jedu autem“ (I go by car) or „Já jsem v autě“ (I ́m in the car). It ́s confusing.

But learning Czech cases is essential for fluent conversation, as well as
understanding. And in this challenge you will learn about all grammatical cases.

Start today

Learning Czech cases it ́s not easy and no teacher will give you a magic formula to learn it in one week. 

Such a complex issue needs a concrete plan and constant motivation.  So make a plan for yourself. After learning each case, give yourself a present, you deserve it. Share it with other students and share it with your teacher. Share it with random people if you wish.

In the 10-day grammatical challenge, you will receive a lot of inspiration and motivation, as well as a step-by-step plan.

What will you do in the challenge

You will learn the necessary theory about Czech grammatical cases.​

Don´t worry. It will be easy to understand and with a lot of examples.

You will practice each grammatical case.

Writing, reading, speaking. All you need.

You will learn a lot of new Czech words.​

Not only grammar but words that you can use in your everyday life.

You will watch short videos.​

Short videos are better. No more than 12 minutes.

You will start to like learning Czech grammar.

My goal is to make it fun and interesting. 

You can ask me if you don´t understand something.

I´ll be here to answer your questions and give you feedback to your exercises.

10-day Czech challenge​

The price of the challenge is

990 CZK

You will receive 10 days of intensive practice and one bonus. 

The challenge consists of videos, pdf materials, online exercises, and homework. You will also get all my support during the challenge, I´m here to answer all your questions.

You can start the challenge anytime and you will have access to it for 1 month. So if you cannot do it in 10 days, don´t worry, you have all month to finish the challenge.


You can join the challenge anytime. The important thing is that you will have access to all videos and materials for 1 month. This should be enough time for you to complete all tasks. 

Everything in the challenge is explained in English (except the exercises), so you can join if your Czech is basic. However, I do not recommend it for complete beginners, you should have at least A1 level.

No. You do the challenge when you have time. Every day you will watch videos and do some exercise. 

You can pay with a debit/credit card or via bank transfer. The bank transfer is possible only if you have a Czech bank account.

Do you have any other questions? Text me to

I want to join the Czech grammatical challenge

And learn about Czech declension.

Do you want to learn česky with me?