Czech grammatical cases

By filling out this form and buying a 10-day Czech declension grammatical challenge, you understand that:

✅ It is an online challenge that will be conducted via e-mails, videos, and online exercises that you do on your own. You don´t have to be connected at any specific hour.

✅ All videos and materials will be available for one month (30 days)

✅ You will receive all information in your e-mail, so check you have written the correct e-mail.

✅ Everything in this challenge is explained in English (except the exercises); however, this challenge is good for you if you are NOT completely a beginner with the Czech language. You should have at least an A1 level completed.

Payment with a bank transfer (bankovní převod) is possible only if you have a Czech bank account. Be aware that sometimes the bank transfer takes a few days.

If you have any questions, write me at

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