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Hello, my name is Anna and I love to see you here. 🙂 If you want to improve your Czech then you are in the right place. I´m a professional full-time language teacher and I teach Czech for foreigners.

Anna Rubešová

Czech language teacher

6 years experience

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Packages & Price list

I offer lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes.
The price is in USD, but I accept payments also in CZK, EUR, and MXN.

The price for the lesson includes the following:
• Lesson time
• Individual approach and preparation for lessons
• Materials
• Homework
• Individual feedback

Group lessons

If you want to learn together with your family member or a friend, you can create a group.

In one group, there can be a maximum of 5 people.

The price for group lessons is between 12 USD / person to 23 USD /person.  For more information, contact me to anna@annalanguageteacher.cz

What my students say

Anna is very good at planning lessons in advance and will tailor her lessons to your needs. I find her lessons to be challenging (in a good way) and fun. Anna is very patient and a clear communicator. I highly recommend Anna

Andy, England

I'm one of those annoying Americans who only speaks English. My lessons with Anna have been fantastic! Her lessons are clear, fun, and easy to follow. She is extremely helpful with a struggle pronouncing sounds that are new to my mouth and gives lots of opportunities for practice. Can't recommend highly enough.

Nicole, USA

Anna is an eloquent, meticulous and articulate teacher. She explains grammar constructs in very simple terms and is very patient with my progress. She's very passionate about teaching and caring towards students. Highly recommended!

Kami, USA

Anna is a very good teacher who puts a lot of time into preparing her lessons with quality written materials that she creates herself.

Joel, USA

Anna has been helping me learn Czech for a few weeks now. Her lessons are always fun, engaging and at the correct level. A great teacher!

Charles, England

I love learning with Anna! She is very well prepared for our lessons, explains concepts simply, answers all questions patiently, focuses on all aspects of language learning (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, dialogue etc.), and conducts the lesson in a positive and cheerful environment.

Helen, Australia

As an intermediate learner/speaker of Czech, Anna's classes keep my attention especially given the difficulty in learning Czech. I recommend starting with at least three classes to gauge the diversity and depth of her teaching abilities. I think you will find the same enjoyment that I've found in learning a difficult language. All the best!

Dennis, USA

I have been studying Czech with Anna for some three months. I must say that, in my opinion, she is a very competent teacher; she always encourages her students even if they make bad mistakes; she is passionate about her job.

Lacopo, Italy

I am learning so much with Anna! Very happy with my experience

Isabel, USA

Anna is fantastic! Her lessons are custom tailored to you and what you want to learn - but she also makes sure to include enough grammar and additional vocabulary to have you make progress. I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to learn Czech!

Chris, USA

Potřebovala jsem se učit česky, protože bydlím a chodím do školy v ČR. V lekcích jsem se naučila hodně nových slov, zlepšila si komunikaci, učila jsem taky, jak napsat referát a taky gramatiku. Anna je skvělá lektorka, její připravenost je pečlivá, její komunikace v lekcích super. V lekcích jsem se cítila dobře, spokojeně a šťastně.

Linda, Vietnam

Rozhodl jsem se učit češtinu, protože mám rád Česko, Prahu a naše dcera bydlí v Praze. Na začátku jsem česky nemluvil vůbec. Před začátkem vyučování jsem znal jen pár slov česky. Teď mohu trochu mluvit a znám základní pravidla češtiny. Materiály pro lekce jsou vždy kvalitní a velmi informativní. Velmi rád se učím jazyk pod vedením Anny. Je velmi profesionální lektorkou a výbornou znalkyní českého jazyka. Lekce doporučuji, protože učit se česky s Annou je velmi zajímavé.

Evgeny, Russia

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