Daily Czech Writing Practice

Enhance Your Czech Writing Skills through Daily Practice

Are you looking to improve your Czech writing skills and boost your language proficiency? Join Daily Czech Writing Practice program and set off on a transformative journey of language development.

Why Choose Daily Czech Writing Practice?


This program provides daily writing prompts to ensure regular practice and steady progress in your Czech writing abilities.

Tailored for A2-B1 levels

Designed specifically for A2-B1 level learners, the program offers writing exercises suitable for your current language proficiency.

Diverse topics

Explore a wide range of engaging topics, from travel and hobbies to personal experiences and cultural insights, to expand your vocabulary.

Expert guidance

Receive valuable feedback and corrections from me, helping you refine your writing skills and overcome language challenges.

Program Details

  • Duration: Choose between a two-week or four-week program, depending on your availability and learning goals.

  • Writing Prompts: Receive five prompts per week, totaling 10 or 20 prompts, covering a wide range of subjects.

  • Word Limit: Write your responses within a 50-word limit, practicing the art of delivering meaningful content concisely and efficiently.

  • Personalized Feedback: Benefit from individualized feedback and evaluations, helping you identify areas for improvement and providing guidance for continued progress.

User-friendly messaging programs

Daily Czech Writing Practice is conducted through convenient and user-friendly messaging programs. I understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility in today’s digital age, and therefore, I have chosen messaging platforms that allow you to engage in the program from anywhere, at any time that suits your schedule. You will receive the writing prompts and submit your responses directly through these messaging programs. I will provide feedback and corrections within the messaging platform.

You can choose from the following messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and Signal.

How much does it cost?

For a two-week duration, the cost of the program is 400 CZK (10 Writing Tasks)

This option allows you to immerse yourself in the writing practice for a shorter period, making it ideal for those who have limited time or want to focus on specific language goals within a concise timeframe.

For a four-week duration, the cost of the program is 800 CZK (20 Writing Tasks)

This option provides an extended period of practice, allowing you to deepen your language skills and further refine your writing abilities.

Regardless of the duration you choose, both options offer the same high-quality program content, personalized feedback from our instructors, and access to the writing prompts and materials.

When I will receive Writing Tasks?

You will receive writing tasks on a daily basis, from Monday to Friday. Each weekday, you can expect to receive a new writing prompt directly to your preferred messaging app. 

Get Started Today!

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Common questions

if you have any other question, feel free to e-mail me to anna@annalanguageteacher.cz

Absolutely! The program is designed for A2-B1 level Czech learners, making it suitable for those with a foundational understanding of the language. The writing prompts and exercises are crafted to provide appropriate challenges and support for learners at this level.

I recommend setting aside approximately 15-20 minutes each day for the writing practice. 

Yes, absolutely! I will provide personalized feedback and corrections on all your writing submissions. 

While it’s encouraged to engage in daily practice, I understand that life can sometimes get busy. If you miss a day, simply continue with the program on the following day. It’s important to maintain consistency, but missing a day occasionally won’t hinder your progress significantly.

Certainly! The program is designed to help learners develop their writing skills, regardless of their previous experience. The writing prompts and exercises will gradually build your confidence and proficiency in writing Czech, providing a supportive environment for learners at various stages of their writing journey.

The writing prompts will cover a wide range of topics, including personal experiences, everyday situations, cultural aspects, and more. 

The writing prompts and materials will stay in your chat so you can come back and to them at any time.