150 Czech words

⭐Part 1⭐

12-day challenge

In just 12 days you will learn your first 150 Czech words and phrases.

12-day challenge

Do you want to learn Czech and are you a complete beginner? 

Do you want to know what to do first if you are really starting from zero?

Then you are on the right place. I invite you to join this 12-day Czech challenge where you will learn and practice your first 150 words and phrases.

Content of the challenge

During the challenge, we will cover different topics such as greetings, basic questions, weather, food, phrases and more. Together there are 12 chapters (one chapter per day). Download the content and read in details what you are going to learn.

What you will receive

  • 150 Czech words and phrases
  • 12 days of practice
  • 24 videos
  • 1 e-book
  • 1 bonus
  • my full support and feedback

About me

My name is Anna Rubešová, and I´m a full-time freelance Czech language teacher. My students are from all over the world and have various interests and reasons in the Czech culture. My career started in the Czech Republic but since January 2019 I moved to Mexico, Puebla.

I offer individual and group online classes, I write e-books, and also I´m the author of this challenge. I really like my job, and I hope you will like to work with me too. 

Learn a lot in a short time

Czech langauge is a beautiful but difficult language to learn. Czech is spoken by roughly 10 million people. That´s not a lot if you compare it to other languages like English, German or Spanish. 

For that reason, there are fewer self-study materials and possibilities to find a Czech course for your needs.

The biggest challenge for Czech language learners that are starting from zero is definitely the decision of what to do first. Is it better to start with a private teacher, attend group lessons or buy a self-study book?

Maybe you are also not sure how much Czech you need to learn. Maybe you just want some basics for traveling around the Czech Republic, or maybe you need to reach B1 level in Czech for your work or studies. 

If you are at the beginning of learning Czech and want to discover a lot in a very short time, then this challenge is a very good option for you.

Start today

Learning Czech is not easy, and no teacher will give you a magic formula to become fluent in one week.

It´s better to go step by step which is exactly what you are going to to in this challenge. And it´s practical.

In the 12-day challenge, you will receive a lot of inspiration and motivation so at the end you will know if you want to continue learning Czech or if this will be enough for you.

What will you do in the challenge

You will learn 150 Czech words and phrases.

Don´t worry. It will be easy because I chose very common and easy topics.

You will practice a lot.

Every day you will practice your new words. There are online exercises, pronunciation and e-book for you.

You will learn some extra things.

Not only 150 words but also a little bit of grammar – just the basics.

You will watch short videos.​

Short videos are better. No more than 3 minutes.

You will start to like learning Czech.

My goal is to make it fun and interesting. 

You can ask me if you don´t understand something.

I´ll be here to answer your questions and give you feedback.

12-day Czech challenge​

The price of the challenge is

600 CZK

You will receive 12 days of learning and one bonus. 

The challenge consists of videos, pdf materials, and online exercises. You will also get all my support during the challenge; I´m here to answer all your questions.

You will get access to all parts of the challenge immediately after I receive your payment. The challenge is for 12 days bus you will have access for 1 year.


It is a self-study challenge. You can join the challenge anytime. You will have access to all videos and materials for one year. 

This challenge is for complete beginners. Everything in the challenge is explained in English. All 150 words/phrases are translated to English and Spanish.

No. You do the challenge when you have time. Every day you will watch videos and do some exercise. 

You can pay with a debit/credit card or via bank transfer. The bank transfer is possible only if you have a Czech bank account, and it usually takes 1-3 days.

Do you have any other questions? Text me to anna@annalanguageteacher.cz

I want to join the challenge

And learn my first 150 words in Czech

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