Online lessons

I can help you if....

  • You came to the Czech Republic and want to start learning Czech.
  • You have lived in the Czech Republic for a long time, but you still do not understand well what the Czechs are actually saying.
  • You speak and understand Czech well, but you need to improve your knowledge for school or work.
  • You live abroad and you are going to go to the Czech Republic for work, study, vacation, family.
  • Your partner is from the Czech Republic and you want to communicate with her / his Czech family
  • You need help in a specific situation, for example to write a CV, prepare for an interview, Czech exam

What do I teach and how?

  • I teach Czech to foreigners.
  • I offer individual one-on-one online lessons via Skype or Zoom
  • You can choose between 45 and 60 minute lessons.
  • I teach every day from Monday to Friday. The time depends on where you live, because we may be in a different time zone. I prefer lessons on the same day and time.
  • I do not teach children younger than 10 years old.
  • I mainly use a communicative teaching style.
  • In my lessons, I like to use textbooks such as Czech Step by step, Czech for foreigners, Czech express and I also create many of my materials. Together we will choose which materials will be best for you, or we can learn without books.
  • I like to give interesting homework where you can practice what we learned in the lesson. But if you don’t want homework, of course, I’ll respect that.
  • From the beginning, I will speak as much Czech as possible to you. If necessary, for a more precise explanation, we can also speak English or Spanish.
I want to learn Czech
Price list

I offer lessons for 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

The price for lessons includes:

  • Lesson time
  • Individual approach and preparation for lessons
  • Materials
  • Homework and feedback
45 minutes

1 lesson = 500 Kč

5 lessons = 2250 Kč (1 = 450 Kč)

10 lessons = 4000 Kč (1 = 400 Kč)

60 minutes

1 lesson = 600 Kč

5 lessons = 2750 Kč (1 = 550 Kč)

10 lessons = 5000 Kč (1 = 500 Kč)

How can you pay?

If you have a Czech bank account, then you can pay by bank transfer.

There are no extra charges.


If you don´t have a Czech bank account?

Paypal: you have to pay the money transfer fee

1 lesson =  20 Kč

5 lessons = 50 Kč

10 lessons = 90 Kč

Revolut account: there are no fees and you can pay in the following currencies: CZK, USD, EUR, MXN, GBP

The price depends on the current exchange rate.

I want to learn Czech with you.

So write me a message. 🙂