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Declension: how to learn Czech grammatical cases

Czech grammatical cases are not easy, but you can learn them. I will help you learn Czech cases once and for all.

We start on Monday 31.1.2022

7-day challenge: Learn Czech declension

Learn all 7 Czech grammatical cases. How to use them correctly? How to change the word? What prepositions and verbs to use with each case?

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How to learn Czech grammatical cases

Czech cases chart

Verbs and cases


Anna Rubešová

My name is Anna, I am a full-time online language teacher and I specialize in Czech for foreigners.

I teach Czech online via Skype or Zoom. I am an experienced, friendly and patient teacher, and also very enthusiastic about my work, which I take not only as a job, but as my lifestyle.

7-day challenge

Every day one lesson in which you will learn one Czech case. You will learn its function, how to change words, in what situations we use it and typical prepositions + verbs.


Every day you will receive homework / exercises, which you will have to send back to me so that I can give you feedback.


See exactly what awaits you. Every day has two parts: videos + practice.


Every day I will send you individual feedback on your exercises. And if you have any questions, I´ll be happy to asnwer them.

When does the challenge begin?

The challenge lasts 7 days and starts on Monday 31.1.2022.



After you pay, you receive a confirmation e-mail with all the necessary information. Then every day from the 31.1.2022 you will receive a new e-mail every day with the videos and tasks to do.

You do your homework when you have the time. But since this is a challenge and there is a new topic every day, you should do the task on the same day. The tasks are not long, they will take you a maximum of 30 minutes a day. If you don’t have time to do a task that day, it doesn’t matter, you can do it later.

Send tasks back to e-mail or via WhatsApp. You can choose which method is better for you.

One of my lessons costs at least 350 CZK. There are a total of 7 lessons in this challenge, which would cost CZK 2,450. But the cost of this mini-course/challenge is 790 CZK.

It is really easy. Click on the button below, enter your contact details. After I receive the payment you will receive confirmation e-mail. The day before the challenge starts you will get the first e-mail with instructions and information.

You can pay by bank transfer to my Czech bank account or online with a credit/debit card, or via PayPal or via Revolut.

If you want to pay with Revolut, send me an e-mail.

Do you have any other questions? Write me e-mail:

That's exactly for me. I want to participate in the challenge.

790 CZK